Cargo can now be transported by train from a few wagons per shipment

Thanks to the cooperation with the initial shipper Eurovast, wagon owner Transwaggon and carrier DB Cargo, Oss is now regularly served by wagon group traffic. You can now use environmentally friendly and reliable rail freight transport for a wide range of goods, from approximately 150 tons per consignment.

Wagon group traffic consists of trains that are also referred to as assorted. They may consist of wagon groups from different suppliers and recipients, and thus from different origins, with different types of goods and for different destinations.

The service to Oss always takes place on fixed days and times, and always arrives as a complete train via the same hub, in this case, Cologne Gremberg station. From Oss, the train departs the following day to the Kijfhoek hub where the wagon groups are again distributed to the individual destinations. This video beautifully summarises these processes.

The wagons used by Transwaggon for this purpose are so-called Habiins. They offer a load capacity of 54 euro-pallets or 42 block-pallets with a load capacity of up to 62.5 tonnes.

The DB Netz network consists of many connections throughout Europe with many rail-bound shippers, but also many public transhipment stations such as OOC. Together we can offer you a complete door-to-door concept for your cargo. If necessary, we can even supplement this with temporary storage at OOC and take care of your pre-carriage and/or post-carriage by road or water.