Sustainable freight transport – OOC terminals, Oss

OOC terminals is working towards more sustainable transport

Did you know that we at OOC terminals are highly committed to making freight transport more sustainable? We, too, believe that the future of our planet is extremely important. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to work more energy-consciously and waste less. And how to make more use of renewable energy sources in our transport. Such as, for instance, electricity.


Targeting zero CO2 emissions!

When electricity is converted into motion, there is no CO2 or particulate matter released. And when the generating of that electricity is also sustainable, emissions can be significantly reduced. In fact, to zero! Trains are electric and therefore very sustainable. In addition, they have the lowest possible rolling resistance, and the train also has a low air resistance due to the large number of wagons linked closely together (platooning is standard). The power comes from the overhead lines and not from batteries. And not an unimportant fact either: trains last a long time, half a century is no exception. In short, the train is  the mode of transport of the future.


Delivering your cargo sustainably from A to B

We understand that it is not always possible for you to transport your goods from A to B entirely by rail. But that is the beauty of OOC terminals: we work trimodally. This means that we can connect three modes of transport – train, ship and truck – and use them in different sequences or even parallelly (synchromodal). By loading and unloading trains, ships and trucks at our terminal, we can make it possible for your cargo to depart by train and eventually arrive at its destination by ship, for example.


Your transport as efficiently as possible: we are happy to advise you!

Via OOC terminals, all variations between the three modes of transport – train, ship and truck – are possible. This applies to loads in dry bulk (such as grains, gypsum and wood chips), wet bulk (oils and fats) and break bulk (such as steel, paper and pallets). Do you want to know how you can organise your transport as efficiently and sustainably as possible? We are happy to advise you. Naturally, we will consider cost and time, as well as the most sustainable mode for your goods flow. This is how we can make it possible for you to make your transport more sustainable. And how we can work together towards a cleaner and better world!