“Last mile service”


OOC rail offers you a One Stop Shop for the handling of all goods train traffic at Oss. Trainloads with a wagon length of up to 533 metres (excluding locomotive) can be parked or docked at Oss (station no. 84004952). From there, OOC rail takes care of the transport to and from the terminal, the process of terminal feeding and the wagon checks.


station Oss no. 84004952


Your train handling at the terminal is a reliable and flexible process.

Full service

OOC rail takes care of the arrival inspection

of wagons, the shunting to and from the

terminal and the terminal feeding process. Services also include reassembling and inspecting the train and placing it at the Oss station for docking. The entire process is

thus seamlessly connected with the terminal process of OOC terminals.

Neutral services

OOC rail purchases its shuttle services from

an authorised rail operator. Once a year,

OOC rail sets the rates. This process ensures that the costs of maintaining the services are secured and all rail carriers are served under

the same rates and market conditions.

All-in rail transport

As OOC rail offers the rates for the last mile service to the rail freight carriers, they can offer the market an all-in rail rate. This benefits the entire processing of trains and places the responsibility for implementation with the right parties.