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Our terminals connect rail, road and water for dry bulk, breakbulk

and liquid bulk. We can switch modalities for virtually all conceivable

goods and, if necessary, temporarily store them in warehouses and using the liquid-tight outdoor facilities. Our approach is characterised by our great flexibility and enthusiasm in handling your transports.

The layout of our terminals and the equipment used are designed to process a wide range of cargo types.

We have made a sport of reaching the top in the safe, proper, efficient and smooth handling of trains, ships and vehicles. We regularly evaluate our processes and develop our techniques and equipment to continue to increase our performance.

  • Agri-feed and food
  • Fertilisers
  • Building materials
  • Recycling and chemical raw materials
  • Steel
  • Raper
  • Timber
  • Containers and projects
  • Black oils
  • Feed and food oils
  • Fats and fertilisers


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Your advantage when moving goods? Our cascade conveyor system. This enables us to move goods flexibly and environmentally-consciously between the unloading and loading points. Whether this is done for trains, ships, warehouses or cars. The system is contamination-free, easy to clean and leads to significantly less product damage than silo transfer. It is also possible to insert operations directly into the line, such as sieving, crushing, mixing and spraying.

1. Transhipment

Grapple transfer, various grapples

Train unloader

Cascade conveyor belts

Hall filler and ship loader

2. Registrations

Weighbridges for road and railway

Ship measurements and LCIs

Visual quality checks

24/7 product temperature monitoring

3. Indoor storage

Flexible arrangement of compartments

500 – 35,000 t variation

Dedicated spaces for long-term lease

100% track & trace and Non-GMO

4. Outdoor storage

Liquid-tight level floors

Flexible compartmentalisation

Floor pressure up to 15 t/m2

Storage height up to 13 m with belt

5. Added value services

Stuffing and stripping to 20’liner

Packaging of big bags

Seven undersize/oversize, break

Dosed spraying and mixing

6. Developments

ICT client and truck portal

30,000 m2 new site


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Our large, flat sites with rail and inland waterway connections are ideal for the transhipment and temporary storage of various breakbulk cargo, such as steel, wood, concrete and containers. We also have a breakbulk warehouse for the storage and transhipment of high-quality or rain-sensitive products such as paper and general cargo. For special projects, we have options for very high quay and floor loads.

1. Transfer

Loads from 1 to 35 tonnes with own equipment

Strapping, pallet and clamp handling

Direct transhipment between modes

Various lifting beams and spreaders

2. Registrations

Order and/or package registrations

Damage assessment and recording

Stock and location management

Arrival and departure planning and exemptions

3. Indoor storage

Flexible site layout

Block stacking fi-lo / fi-fo

High floor loads up to 7 t/m2

4. Outdoor storage

Flat paved areas

High floor pressure up to 15 t/m2

Accessible routing

Site surveillance

5. Added value services

Stuffing and stripping

Transport services

6. Developments

ICT client and truck portal

10,000 m2 site extension

10,000 m2 warehouse extension


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Our liquid-tight sites, the goods tracks installed at right angles to the quay and the dedicated shunting services of OOC rail are ideally suited for rapid, uninterrupted transhipment of liquids between train and ship. We can also provide optimal transfer from train to car or car to train for your products. Storage is possible in containers or we can prepare a custom design together with you.


1. Transfer

2. Registrations

3. Storage

4. Added value services


Black oil train-barge up to 330 t/h

Feed/food oil up to 250 t/h

Direct transhipment between modes

Steam heating wagons up to 8 stations


EA-D handling over our AGP

AEO limited guarantee excise


Sampling and storage

Wagon weighing/shipment


Storage possible in tank


Storage in tanks upon request


Heating with gas-fired steam

Transport services