Lean & Green 2nd star


An important theme for ourselves and future generations:

maintaining a good living environment and making our energy

needs and use of raw materials sustainable. We translate these

themes into efficiency in our business operations. We are committed

to designing our production process as efficiently as possible. Our goal: to reduce consumption and waste to zero.


We already received 2 stars for the steps achieved:

First Lean & Green Star: We received this for saving more than 20% of relative CO2 emissions within 5 years.

Second Lean & Green Star: We earned the second star after saving more than 10% of relative CO2 emissions within three years.

In addition to reducing our own CO2 emissions and consumption, we also see opportunities to work together with other organisations towards a sustainable future and more efficient transport and production chains:

  • We make it as attractive and easy as possible for large shippers to organise their goods transport by water and/or rail in an environmentally friendly or even energy-neutral way.
  • The load factors of trains, ships and cars are improving. We are continuously working on this by using transport to and from the terminals, together with chain partners, in two directions as much as possible. Or by making unused distances as short as possible. We often connect rail and barge routes as it is cheaper and more sustainable.