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We have a wide range of knowledge of all modalities and work closely with many transport service providers. This allows us to organise and execute transport services for any type of cargo for both rail and

inland shipping as well as road transport. We always work closely with specialists in your market area to ensure that we remain a completely neutral stevedore and freight forwarder for your One Stop Shop.

The fixed (stowed) depth for class Vb shipping and the available rail capacity are significant advantages of our location. You’ll often find us connecting rail and inland waterways for a wide variety of goods.

1. Road transport

Whether you’re working with long transport, heavy transport, bulk transport, tank transport or general cargo transport, we organise your pre- and post-haulage as efficiently as possible for you. We strive for a seamless connection to your shipping process by optimally organising the receipt or dispatch of the cargo.

2. Rail transport

We can calculate any rail transport to or from Oss for you. Based on our extensive experience, we can quickly indicate whether your rail transport request is likely to be successful. Rail transport is a highly environmentally friendly mode of transport and even offers the possibility of moving large quantities of goods CO2-neutrally. Driven by 100% sustainably produced and transported energy.

3. Inland waterway/ship transport

The Benelux and large parts of Western Europe have excellent inland waterways. Large tonnages of goods can easily be transported here in a very sustainable manner. The rivers still have an unprecedented capacity. In addition, inland navigation is highly flexible and reliable, and causes highly limited disruption. We can provide you with a connection to coastal shipping or deep-sea shipping in a One Stop Shop via board-board transhipment with one of our seaport contacts.

4. Container transport

For certain bulk flows, containers are ideally suited for organising continental transport. We are happy to calculate for you whether this type of intermodal continental transport is an attractive solution for your situation.

In addition to our bulk and break-bulk services, we offer the possibility of intermodal shipping from or to Rotterdam via the adjacent container terminal. This enables us to be your trusted partner for the distribution of goods not only in the Benelux but also for global import and export.

Frequent connections

Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary; (UA, FA, TA & EA wagons)

Italy, Southern Germany, Switzerland; (HA wagons)


We serve these countries almost weekly with full-trainloads (1,700 to 2,200 tonnes net) for agri-bulk trains (TA-type) and construction/chemical trains (EA-type). We can make you interesting offers for your traffic to and from these regions in combination with

our existing operations. Ask about the options.



Every Wednesday, we serve these countries in so-called wagon group traffic. Collection via Cologne Gremberg and distribution via Kijfhoek offer good and frequent connections for various wagon groups to many corners of Europe. Read more about the system and the networks of DB Cargo and Retrack that we connect. Ask about the options.


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Value Added Services(VAS)

We see your goods and feel involved in your trade or processes. Recognising and recording irregularities in your products and informing your organisation are standard services. Where possible, we will also endeavour to provide you with solution options to restore your products. If you would like to have goods combined, sieved, packed or unpacked, stuffed or stripped, please ask us about the possibilities.

1. Packaging & Unpackaging

Packaging from bulk to big bags

Breaking big bags to bulk

Breaking small bags to bulk

2. Sieving & Breaking

Sieving excess/inertia upon arrival

Sieving excess upon departure

Sieving off excess/dust upon departure

Breaking up excess/distributing product

3. Stuffing & Stripping

Bulk loading in 20′ liner containers

Stuffing of pallets/breakbulk into containers

Stripping from bulkliners to bulk

Stripping of containers with breakbulk

4. Mixing, Spraying and more

Dosed mixing of dry bulk

Spraying and mixing of dry bulk

Steaming products

Combinations of VAS activities